About Tradub

We are a business e-commerce platform, selling a wide range of business and industrial products to MSMEs, SMEs and large businesses. The platform will offer a wide range of products across various domains.

Mission Statement

The purpose of starting this company is to bring transparency in trading of industrial products as well as to make the whole process smooth and hassle-free. To our Sellers, we can provide a larger set of customers and deeper penetration into the market. To our Buyers, we aim to provide our immaculate service and the best price available.

Products/services and target market

We act in the B2B2C model where the customer will place the order/enquiry in our website according to their needs and we will channel the right products (e.g. motors, switchgears, etc.) through the industrial manufacturers. We plan to provide our services to all industrial customers like manufacturers/end users, OEMs, EPCs, etc.


Buying is a personal experience and nowadays most of the buying is done online. But even in this age of technology, industrial trading is mostly done through sales channels, dealers or business partners. We believe in the next few years, we can change the perception of industrial customers towards online buying of industrial goods through our services, with the promise to always deliver on time and be available 24*7 for any queries, issues or support.